The Primate Store
Click on this site to find information, primate supplies,gifts
and fun. A great source for all your primate needs.
Mazuri Feeds
Here's another great site for finding all your primate needs. If your
marmoset doesn't like the canned food(mine hates the canned
stuff), Mazuri offers a powder form of marmoset food.

Mazuri also offers a no-sugar powder marmoset food for those
who have diabetic marmosets.
About Us
Want to list your organization here?

I will consider any organization that helps improves the lives
or rescues animals from abuse or neglect, be it monkey, dog
or polar bear.
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A great directory of free animated gifs and animations.
marmosets is almost impossible.
Here's a great site where you can buy re-usable diapers made from
Micro-fleece. Excellent quality and comfy for your marmoset. Custom
orders accepted.
Here is a site that will help answer a few questions about monkeys
concerning diet and housing.  Designed by a monkey owner who wants
The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an organization dedicated to educating the public about
rare and endangered animal species in captivity and in the wild. Raising public awareness will
from the events we do, tours of our facility and photo sessions, along with our merchandise.

With our trained staff and volunteers, we are taking a step further to educating the public by
offering educational programs to school, festivals, private and special events.
fabrics to choose from. She designs for
Contact her through Facebook
call 501-358-4832
or email her at
Terrie shows  her designs and fabrics to
choose from.
She designs for
capuchin and marmoset
3-4 week delivery
Contact her through Facebook
call 870-375-1066
or email her at
One Piece
2 PC Outfits
Stacy's Marmoset Designs
She also makes shirts for marms.
Contact her on facebook, click on the above link

call her at  803-546-5891
or email her at
Abby wearing one of
Stacy's Designs
Includes diaper covers, hammocks and clothing

Contact her at  330-872-8111
or email her at

Visit Settlers Pond Animal Shelter. It was established
rescue for any type of animal in need.

Contact Dr. Pinky at 708-663-8103
Julie Staup