How it All Started
Hi there, my name is Julie and I make clothes for monkeys.

2001 started it all when a friend of mine asked me to make clothes for her little capuchin. After I got done laughing, I got
down to work. After much trial and error, I designed and created my own special patterns for  monkey diaper covers and
clothing  perfectly suited for these active and  wonderful creatures.  I consider every item I make a work of art and as
individual and special as the monkey.

I originally started in South Carolina where I had an alteration/custom sewing business since 1999,
called Sew Simply Yours by Julie and which still exists today.
I  will be celebrating 20 years of service on April 1, 2019

Sew Simply came to actually be in July of 2003 when I attended my first monkey picnic and
Sew Simply was born.  

Since then, I have moved the business to Gotha, Florida in 2006, where I continue to work exclusively on my monkey
Internet sales only. Not a physical address where you can visit.

Monkeys are not for everyone.
They are a lifetime commitment and will change your life and your lifestyle. They are a very high maintenance pet and
require special attention and needs, especially when finding a vet who will treat a primate or if it is even legal to owning a
primate in your city,county or state.

My website is not intended to encourage purchasing a monkey BUT for those who already own one.

My monkey designs are fashioned for comfort of the monkey.
I believe the durability and quality speaks for itself.
I make clothes for their physical protection against the weather, for sanitation purposes.
Looking good is always a plus.

Since 2003, I have made many new customers and lifetime friends for whom I will always grateful for their assistance,
patronage and most important of all, friendship and guidance.

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Julie Staup
Sew Simply Monkey
Chance, a 5 year old male marmoset, came to  us in November of 2003
He was a rescue case. He stayed with  friend of mine who took good
care of him until his original owner said Chance could not take him
back because of family circumstances.

Chance and I bonded very quickly and very close. He became my
protector and I was became his. We shared a very special relationship
and one that could never be repeated with any other animal that I have
ever had in my life.

He had just turned 10 years old when he passed away.
In Loving Memory of Maxwell
2/05/05 - 7/20/07
This is when Chance
knows he's got my
One of the few times
Chance is not
interested in food!
About Us
Maxwell and Chance
Inseparable buddies
Meet Lennette, a 7 year old female cottontop tamarin
who is a new addition to the Staup household. Lennette
is probably one of the friendliest little girls I've ever had
the pleasure to meet. She came to live with us in August
of 2007 and is very much a delight.
Lennette's first day
in the Staup house.
Chance and
Lennette cozy up
Maxwell and Chance
Hanging together
The Perfect Spot!
I"m ready for my
close up!
How long do I
have to wear this
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In Loving Memory of Chance
2/1999 - 2/18/2009
In Loving Memory of Lennette
09/1999 - 02/2010
Meet JuJu, a 2 1/2 year old Geoffrey marmoset who is
the newest Staup family member.
JuJu came to us with a few health issues, but we are
so happy to inform you,that he is improving day by
day! A very sweet and happy little guy now!
JuJu often spends the day with me while I
sew. This is one of his favorite spots, high
above my sewing machine.
Christmas 2012
We found out that JuJu is diabetic.
His diet is under strict control and he is fed a
no-sugar marmoset food. So far, no meds.

Marmosets and Tamarins can become
diabetic. Only bloodwork can determine this.
My beautiful daughter sitting in front of the
mural she painted for my opening day of Sew
Simply Yours. She painted it from a photo of
the actual street where my shop was located.
Sew Simply Yours
Julie Staup