Here are some of my friends and customers who have honored me with pictures of their little ones.
And thank-you to everyone who has allowed me to display their monkey.

WARNING: It is unlawful to remove any photo or content from this gallery or any part of this website to
use to advertise a monkey for sale.
These photos and content are protected by copyright laws.
These stars will always remain bright.
Some are still around, while others have
new homes.
Please research all the information,laws/bans and lifetime commitments before you acquire one.  
Monkeys are illegal or banned in some cities, counties and states.
Not only is it expensive, it is cruel and unfair to you and the monkey you wish to own.

And remember...You can take the monkey out of the wild but you can't take the wild out of the monkey.

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Now here's a REAL STEELERS fan!
This is 1 yr old Bella showing
off her new easter dress. Isn't
she just adorable?
Hootie doesn't want to be left
out. He's wearing his new cat in
the hat diaper.
Meet Dakota, a
blackcap who
stole my heart.
Is it a witch or
a Pixie??
JaJa was my very first
monkey customer.
Meet Mandi,
another one of my
favorite little girls!
Meet two little guys I had the
pleasure of meeting and made
Jerzy looks
toastie warm in
her new jacket
Meet "Libbi" in her
First Birthday Outfit.
Shiver me timbers!!  Its
"Stuie, the pirate" seven
seas! Stuie is my first
baby spider monk to
sew for.
"Tinkerbell Layla" looks
"Superman Toby", a
geoffry marmoset looks
like he is ready to leap tall
bound! And we all know
how fast marms are!
"Cinderalla Cher", a
cottontop tamarin, is
climbing the stairs to meet
her prince charming!
Oh Yeah!!
He's "The Man!"
Say Hello to "Gregory", a 5 week
old marmoset
"Think Pink" says 7
month old Bailey Jo
Superman "Jimbo" looks
he is resting up after a long
day of catching bad guys!
9 week old "Savannah"
sent me this pic of her
wearing her Camo & Lace
outfit. Isn't she just
Wonder how Mika's mom
got this perfect picture!
her new Orange
Calico Dress.
Gotta love that Zoey! A
very special little girl!
Meet "Kato". A
beautiful black tufted
Just precious!
Here's another photo
of "Kato" showing off
his "Flying Monkey"
Fenway is an owl monkey
Look at Zoey in her
new ruffled top! What
I'm just "clowning"
Michi and his finger paints!
Sleeping Buddies...
Lil Wayne and friend
Meet Genesis, a 9 yr
old Mangabey.  
Meet Mimi, a 3 month old
java. She's got on her Mini
Shirt! How Sweet!  
This is 2 month old
"Kiki" checking out
what is on her backside!
Mika & April
Michi is not sure about
his new outfit. Maybe
because he is wearing
his shirt backwards???
Designer Shirt with
cover. Just Right!
Rambo. Showing his first outfit
Rambo got a new Camo
shirt! How Grand!
The "Growing of Rambo"
Infant Rambo
Rambo in his latest duds!
He's watching the game!
So....Where's MY Turkey???
Rambo can't
wait for Santa!
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