More new friends to meet!
And thank-you to everyone who has allowed me to display their monkey.
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Meet Khloe, a 10 month old Non Crested
Celebes. Isn't she precious!
A truly amazing gift of life!
Below are pictures I received from a customer who was able to see her little man  being born.  Papa Red-Hand Tamarin kept an eye on both
mama and babies to help and make sure everyone was okay.
Marmosets and Tamarins usually always have twins. Its the daddy who does most of the caring of the babies except when its feeding time,
then mama takes over.
And now here is that same little
boy  a several weeks later.
Meet Super Cush!
and respective monkey owners
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Meet Joey, Gracie, Marilyn and Sammy.
Looks like everyone enjoyed the sunshine and
birthday cake.
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getting more beautiful with each
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It's been over a year now, and Cush
is more beautiful than ever! He
Meet Jenna, a
sweet little lady in
her daisy dress.
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wishes you  a Happy
Courtesy of Mika's mom, April
Hugs n Kisses
from Mika
Courtesy of Mika's mom, April
Mercedes was ready for
St. Pat's Day!
Meet  Mercedes, a 6 month old Black
Cap showing off her new spring dress!
What a cutie!
Meet baby Alexis.
Isn't she a cutie?
This is Mark Anthony.
How handsome!
"I got all my sisters with me"
Tesa and Zoe
courtsey of April
Meet Safiya, looking so
Shaylynn is toasty
warm in her new coat!
Kira & Rafiki show off their
new John Deere outfits!
How adorable!
Meet Rafiki, a  Red
Hand Tamarin. He is
wearing his special
made jersey.
Go Team!
Rafiki got a new
ready for Santa!
How can you get any cuter than
Mowgli just hangin' around!
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Zoey, Santa's new helper!
Yummy! Candy Cane pants!
Oh yeah! I'm toastie warm!
says Miah
Looks like Lou, a Green Guenon got
some cool gifts this year!
Isn't Bella precious in her
Christmas Dress?
Julie Staup
Dania doing some climbing fun!
"Peeps" is certainly enjoying
his snack!
Cottontop Tamarin
an even better snack!
Cottontop Tamarin