Here are some of my friends and customers who have honored me with pictures of their little ones.
And thank-you to everyone who has allowed me to display their monkey.

Sadly, some of the monkeys have crossed over the Rainbow bridge, but they remain here in loving
Meet some new stars to grace the
cosmos in my  monkey gallery.
Please research all the information,laws/bans and lifetime commitments before you acquire one.  
Monkeys are illegal or banned in some cities, counties and states.
Not only is it expensive, it is cruel and unfair to you and the monkey you wish to own.

And remember...You can take the monkey out of the wild but you can't take the wild out of the monkey.

WARNING: It is unlawful to remove any photo or content from this gallery or any part of this website to use to advertise a
monkey for sale.

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Monkey Friends
Photo Gallery
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raiser for orphaned children.
He is part of the
Zoological Wildlife
Foundation. An organization dedicated
endangered animal species in captivity
and in the wild.
NOT a non-profit organization
4 month old Zoey, a
squirrel monkey.
Click here to see her
fashion show
Noah shows off his best stuff!
Java Macque
5 year old Miah says"rack 'em up!"
Java Macque
Jasper all snuggled warm
in his hammock!
How Precious is this?
Lovely Lexie!
Sahee gets a little messy when she
tries to take Sophi's cupcake!
Miss Emily in her new
Yellow/Curious George Dress
Joey says"Bring the party on!"
Mattie is one of Santa's
helpers this year
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Zoey got some new booties to
go with her Elf outfit.
Zoey is ready for Thanksgiving!
Miss Coco is helping decorate
the tree this year!
Mattie is gonna be toasty
warm this year!
Miss Coco sitting pretty!
They took part in a special wedding.
Zoological Wildlife Foundation.
An organization dedicated to educating the
public about rare & endangered animal
species in captivity and in the wild.
NOT a non-profit organization
Russell sat perfectly still for
his Christmas photo
Toby having some pumpkin fun!
Ella Grace looking beautiful for
Layla! The next Diva in Training!
Tootsie's perfect smile in her new
Faux Fur Coat Dress
Meet Kenzo. He makes his home
in the UK with his mommy
Happy Easter from Zoey!
Zoey with her new BBF, Minnie
Miss Millie in her
"Audrey Hepburn" hat
Master Louie in his
"Topstarz Energy" shirt
Tatina is showing off
her new top!
Katie is just the 'bees
"Elegance" is Ella Grace
Miss Millie is ready for
Coco & Roco in matching outfits.
Roco is still looking for his
pocket watch!
orange cover
"Mom, likes me best! So there"
says Bryson
Tahmarey is king of the mountain!
Angelica says"Ok, I'm ready for
my garter!"
ceiling! "
I can see that Ella Grace!
Meet "LaLa"! She changed color in her
second year of life!
Sew Simply Yours
Julie Staup